YA Space Opera

I’m a big fan of Leia in the Star Wars movies, even though she isn’t my favorite female character (that would be her mother, Padmé, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times before in my other reviews). But Leia is still a close second favorite, so I was holding this book to a high standard once I began reading. And I am glad to say that it lived up to my expectations. The best thing about this book was the writer’s understanding of the character: her temperament, her idealism, her fears.

It truly felt like this was the same Leia from the movies, but younger, which is how it was supposed to feel like. The book is about how Leia finds out her parents, the Organas, are orchestrating a rebellion against the empire, and how she begins to become involved in the dangerous but heroic activities of the rebellion, and all of the consequences that come to pass as a result of her actions. It ends up affecting for the people surrounding her, for both good and bad. It is a book that ends on a deeply tragic note, sorry to say, but also a book that inspires hope and gives deeper and more solid background story to a dearly beloved character of the Star Wars universe.

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