YA Contemporary

I very rarely read contemporary fiction, my favorite genres being fantasy and historical. I do dabble in other genres, such as sci-fi and horror, and I read and re-read the classics, as well, but very rarely do I read contemporary. I like to escape the world around me and live out fantastical scenarios when I read, which is why I almost never pick up a contemporary book.

That said, I do like a certain brand of contemporary. I’m a fan of Hannah Moskowitz’s books INVINCIBLE SUMMER, BREAK and GONE, GONE, GONE. I like John Green’s LOOKING FOR ALASKA and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, and I also like a couple of more obscure contemporaries that are a bit older in the market, such as AND THEN THINGS FALL APART by Arlaina Tibensky and ALL THESE LIVES by Sarah Wylie.

Reading the blurb of GIRLS OF JULY gave me that same feeling, like this would be a contemporary that I would really like. I picked it up, and it was good. The characters were super-voicy, meaning their personalities and points of view were elaborate and felt well-developed when reading from their first point-of-view narrative. This makes up about half of the success of a YA contemporary book, and it also makes it really entertaining and easy to read.

The plot was interesting too, although some character arcs felt forced at times and underdeveloped at others. Some of the character arcs were stellar, though, especially the romantic ones. It was a fun read, although I think I prefer characters in YA contemporary books to feel more angsty. I like it when the mood is intense and deep and complicated, and only a few rare contemporary books hit the note that I’m seeking, so I don’t think it will ever be a genre that I will actively seek out.

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