YA fantasy

The best part about this book is the secondary character, Silas, the ironic, poised, and dangerous demon servant. He feels fully fleshed-out and I felt like I knew him and knew exactly what he was feeling in any given moment, even if the writer did not spell it out. The second-best part about this book is the slow-burning romance and banter between MC Elisabeth and Nathaniel Thorn, the sorcerer.

The magic system was a real treat, too. It would have been perfect if the part about the MC being some sort of magical creature had been better explained or developed. The ending with Silas and his master Nathaniel was also really good. The only thing that I noticed about this book was that the writing felt clunky. There were a-lot of words used for descriptions that could have been explained in simpler terms. The Dialogues do not suffer from this, only the narrative. It did end up pulling me out of the story from time to time. But the ending, with Silas. It was everything I didn’t know I wanted.  


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