YA fantasy, Fairy Tale Retelling, horror

I really liked the theme of this book, which is like a YA gothic/horror/fantasy Cinderella retelling with a bit of a Halloween vibe that I liked and that I think would cater to the tastes of horror fans, like me. But the plot was entirely too convoluted, making it difficult to follow. It reminded me of watching a Netflix show that had a really good first season but then by the third or fourth season there got to be too many storylines. The result is the same in both instances, I end up losing interest. And there were entire scenes and pages upon pages that felt like filler, because the writing didn’t pull me in or hold my attention.

It was difficult to come to grips with the fact I didn’t like the writing or plot, especially because there were some things that I really did like about the story. I connected with the relationship between MC Sophia and love interest/sidekick Constance. The attraction felt real. I also liked Sophia and her blasé, no-nonsense way of handling patriarchal oppression. The whole concept about toppling patriarchal oppression, combined with the attraction between Sophia and Constance, gave the book a sort of wild, Amazonic vibe that I did enjoy. I also liked the dialogues in some scenes. On top of all this, the backstory was practically genius.

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