The Canal Tragedy

A recount of one of the most terrible tragedies that has ever befallen the nation of Panama.

On the dusk of the 21st of April, the Panama Canal, a vital source of economic security for millions of Panamanian citizens, as well as a symbol of the dignity, worth, and freedom of the country, has just suffered a terrorist attack of massively destructive proportions.

Reportedly, at around 5:30pm, a cargo ship of approximately 47 ft. in height and 80 ft. in width (sub-standard size for cargo ships) was seen entering the Panama Canal. It seemed everything was in order, as onlookers and witnesses later testified. It was just a normal cargo ship, apparently transporting food and humanitarian resources to Haiti.

On the surface, it appeared a legitimate business, not so dissimilar from the dozens of ships that cross the Canal every day. But a far murkier reality was lurking underneath. Half an hour later, the cargo ship exploded, wrecking the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal, killing 47 people and leaving 17 injured.

The authorities are unsure about the identity of the mastermind of the attack, though there are several suspects who are already being investigated. Katherine DeLeno, a 3rd grade-teacher fired from the National School of Panama for alleged drug dealings and aggressive behavior towards students, is being investigated as a primary suspect responsible for such a violent and heart-wrenching deed.

“She always seemed to me to be a strange woman, with a volatile temper and reclusive inclinations,” said a source who knew Katherine DeLeno from when she worked at the National School. Said source wishes to remain anonymous. “She was always seen talking in hushed tones on her phone, and got nervous and anxious every time somebody approached her, immediately cutting off communications with the person on the line. There was no doubt in my mind this was a woman you wanted to stay away from.”

Katherine DeLeno has been arrested and is currently being interrogated.

This terrible blow to the nation of Panama will most likely cause severe economic problems, since the infrastructure of the Panama Canal will most likely take years to rebuild and will jeopardize the primary source of income for the Central American country.

Such devastating loss will plunge the better half of the country into poverty and most likely a problematic mass inflation, on top of the economic recession that Panama is currently undergoing due to the measures taken to stop the advance of COVID-19.

Systems will continue to collapse, people will continue to break quarantine to loot stores and raid homes, and those with not enough resources to maintain their families during such difficult times will have to prepare for even darker moments to come.

Certainly the people of Panama will have to use all their strength to overcome this tragedy of massive proportions, unlike any that has ever happened in the peaceful and democratic country before.



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