YA Fantasy

I picked up this book on my quest to read anything and everything Arthurian. It wasn’t what I expected, but I thought the writing was very good and eventually I grew to like that so many legendary tropes were subverted in this mythical retelling. It makes this story fitting for our times.

I’m particularly intrigued by a female ‘Lancelot’, it makes the relationship between Lancelot and Queen Guinevere fresh and exciting. This female Lancelot was probably my favorite character, even though she doesn’t appear too much in the story until the ending. I loved how sweet the scenes between her and Guinevere were.

The book starts and ends off strong and tarries a bit in the middle, but not to the point that it ever becomes boring for me. Which is good because I cannot handle boring books and will no longer force myself to finish them just because my mild OCD compels me to.

But this book was nothing like that, it was easy to read and painted vivid images in my mind, filled with lush settings. The story came alive for me in a way that not all stories do, simple as that.

I thought some characters, Mordred in particular, were spectacularly well-crafted. I could have had more scenes with Arthur in them, though. But that’s just me, I can never get enough of Arthur in any of its iterations. 


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