YA Fantasy
This book started off very strongly for me and then kind of fizzled out at the middle and the end. If you like stories about the Fae then I would by all means encourage you to read this book. It has a very unique world building and I loved the concept about the Fae actually being ghastly, zombie-like figures underneath all their glamour, and how the main character came to love one of them despite his horridness. I think this was a fantastic idea.

The fact that this book was a ‘journey’ book (meaning the two main characters go on a journey together) didn’t bother me at all. I enjoy journey books. What did bother me was how convoluted the plot and the setting got by the third and final act. So much things seemed to be happening, and besides this, there were like three different climaxes and fights following each other. It felt draining to have things escalating and escalating and escalating until the very last minute. Precisely because there was just so much happening, in time I became quite numb to what I was reading, as well as emotionally disconnected from the characters. By the time the ending of the book arrived I was relieved that the story was over.

So, overall, the writing is good, it is the pacing and plot that feel off during the final act. Also there was a sort of ‘tonal’ mix towards the end that felt jarring to me. Not so much as in The Queen of Nothing (I absolutely hated how that book ended), but something along those same lines, where the dialogue was too chirpy and kind of corny to the point that it felt off when compared to the grimmer tone of the preceding scenes.

I did think the last paragraph of the book is absolutely genius, though, and it made me cry (which is why I’m giving this book a 3-star rating) and I really appreciate the author’s turns of phrases, dialogue, and character building in general.

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