THE AGE OF LIGHT by Whitney Scharer
Adult Historical Fiction

I read the version translated into Spanish of Whitney Scharer’s book, ‘The Age of Light’, about Lee Miller’s life and relationship to famous surrealist photographer Man Ray. ‘Lee’ (Elizabeth) Miller was an American model turned photographer and muse to Man Ray. Together they discovered ‘solarization’, a technique applied in the dark room that would make for interesting photos (some historians credit Lee Miller completely for this discovery).

What I liked most about this book was that it gave me insight into the life of an artist I didn’t know. Miller was a photographer during WWII and even broke into Hitler’s house after his suicide, and famously took a bath inside his house. The book glances over this event, but makes more emphasis on Miller’s relationship with Man Ray, which was obsessive on his behalf and experimental on hers. Man Ray considered Miller his muse and took countless pictures of her, nude and otherwise, which are interesting to look at and denote how in love or obsessed he really was with her and her beauty. I recommend this book to anyone interested in knowing more about the history of Lee, an enigmatic American artist.


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