The Canal Tragedy

A recount of one of the most terrible tragedies that has ever befallen the nation of Panama. On the dusk of the 21st of April, the Panama Canal, a vital source of economic security for millions of Panamanian citizens, as well as a symbol of the dignity, worth, and freedom of the country, has just … Continue reading The Canal Tragedy



THE DAUGHTERS OF TEMPERANCE HOBBS by Katherine HoweAdult Fantasy I decided to buy this book (in hardcover no less) because the theme sounded extremely interesting – a modern-day scholarly investigation into the life and magical methods of the witches of Salem in order to solve a looming curse. I did not know this book was … Continue reading THE DAUGHTERS OF TEMPERANCE HOBBS


THE AGE OF LIGHT by Whitney ScharerAdult Historical Fiction I read the version translated into Spanish of Whitney Scharer's book, 'The Age of Light', about Lee Miller's life and relationship to famous surrealist photographer Man Ray. 'Lee' (Elizabeth) Miller was an American model turned photographer and muse to Man Ray. Together they discovered 'solarization', a … Continue reading THE AGE OF LIGHT